Can you have mice and rats at the same time?

You may found rats and mice in every town as they are not limited to the forest or open habitat. They also like to live with humans. According to an estimate, there is a possibility one rat is living within every house of the united state. Rats and mice are equally connected to the man, and some people like to keep them as a pet. Man fulfills their three basic needs:
• Shelter
• Food
• Water

Mice and rats are a threat to health.
People who have pets like mice and rats or thinking to keep them they should read the following statements:
• They are destructive pests and can cause serious health issues.
• They can chew cables and let them on fire.
• Do you know 20% of the world's food is countermined by the mice and rats? They eat in large amounts; this is the reason you may found their urine and dropping all over the place which they are using as their shelter.
• They can damage the structure of your house, furniture through gnawing.
• One of the worst parts is they can transmit several diseases to humans and other pets by drooping, biting the food. They can eat anything so they will investigate each and everything that seems attractive and feel they can eat them.
• If there are any open places like cracks or gaps, they can easily get into your house. They can fit their body structure according to the gap.
• They stay active at night so you can hair their running and feet steps sounds or scratching in the walls in the night time.

Can mice or rats live together?
The short and simple answer is no. they cannot live at the same place and if you are thinking to keep them as a pet, keep them in separate places. The reasons why they cannot live together are the following: Territory marking- mammals or rodents usually mark their territory with their urine that is basically an announcement that the fixed area is under their control. They do not allow others to get into their territory. So they will never allow mice to get in and live with them. Size- the rat is big in size as compared to mice. According to research, if a needed rat can eat the mice to fill their belly. Mice consider them rat as one of their predators so they will never even imagine living with rats.

Can they live in the same house?
It is impossible for rats and mice to live in the same house at the same time. But there are chances one of them may be living in the attic and the second one is living in the basement. Availability of both in the same house can cause damage not only to the house, but they can become a serious threat fr human health.

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